SHINee’s Minho And Onew React To Key’s “BAD LOVE” Music Video, And Their Reactions Couldn’t Be More Different

They’re both so proud of Key!

SHINee‘s Minho and Onew just reacted to Key‘s “BAD LOVE” music video, and their reactions literally couldn’t be more different from each other!

SHINee’s Minho | @choiminho_1209/Instagram
SHINee’s Onew | @dlstmxkakwldrl/Instagram

Before he started filming his reaction, Minho spoke directly to Key. He said, “Key, I’ll film this music video reaction.” 

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Meanwhile, Onew addressed Shawols before filming his reaction. He asked, “Shall we watch it together?”

Onew gasped as soon as the “BAD LOVE” music video began. Minho, on the other hand, watched Key closely and joked about Key watching himself on TV.

Minho was impressed by Key’s dramatic, eye-catching backbend near the beginning of the video, but he couldn’t resist poking fun at Key. He joked, “For SHINee performances, he never bent back like that, but when he’s alone, he bends back, guys.” 

Onew was mesmerized by his bandmate’s visuals and said “super pretty” while watching Key sing while looking into a mirror. As he watched the same scene, Minho said, “He worked super hard on lip syncing.”

Onew admired Key’s ponytail and couldn’t help saying it was “so pretty.” Minho laughed at the ponytail and couldn’t resist teasing his fellow 91-liner by saying “that was funny, Key.”

Although he joked about Key’s ponytail, Minho thought his next hairstyle was pretty.

Both Onew and Minho really enjoyed the chorus, and Minho remarked that the lyrics suited Key well.

As they continued watching, both Onew and Minho couldn’t stop complimenting Key while jamming to “BAD LOVE.” When it was over, Onew clapped for Key and said the video left him speechless. Minho tried to analyze the video’s storyline after he finished watching it.

After he finished his analysis of the video, Minho said that Key hadn’t told him what it meant beforehand. Then, he bragged about being friends with Key and said that he’s “lucky” to be able to find out what the video means from Key himself. Minho also praised Key’s dancing and said he loved the music video’s sets.

Onew also praised Key after he finished watching. He said, “Key is definitely good at everything for sure.” 

The way Onew and Minho reacted while watching the video was totally befitting of their personalities and relationships with Key. As Key’s fellow 91-liner, Minho has a playful relationship with Key, and they often jokingly tease each other. Onew’s smiles and encouraging words throughout the music video totally fit his reputation as SHINee’s bubbly leader. While they had different reactions to Key’s “BAD LOVE” music video, there’s no doubting that both Onew and Minho love Key very much and enjoyed his latest solo track!

Check out the full reaction video below.