SHINee’s Minho Revealed How He Wants To Start A Family Soon

“I want to get married quickly.”

SHINee’s Minho and Taemin participated in a past broadcast of Moon Hee Jun’s radio broadcast, Moon Hee Jun’s Music Show and talked about their plans for the future.

When asked about their plans as they get into their 30s, Minho replied that he’d like to start a family in his 30s.

In my 30s, I’d like to continue our team promotions like now and do some acting, personally. I’d also like to start a family of my own before entering my 40s.

ㅡ Minho

When Moon Hee Jun added that it sounds a little early for him to get married, Minho clarified that he’d personally like to get married quickly.

I have a dream of creating a happy family. Personally, I want to get married quickly.

ㅡ Minho

Minho is 29 years old (Korean age), meaning Minho is thinking of making a family very soon!

Meanwhile, Taemin replied to the same question by expressing that he’d like to enjoy himself more in his 30s.

In my 30’s, I want to do more things I want to do. What I mean is, in the big picture, I became a singer because that was my dream but I’ve come this far with this busy schedule for the past 10 years, but in my 30’s I’d like to make more hobbies and experience more things that I haven’t done before and enjoy myself in my 30’s a little more.

ㅡ Taemin

Despite having been working in the K-Pop industry for 10 years, due to their young debut age, both Minho and Taemin are only now nearing towards their 30s. As they have worked extremely hard until now, fans hope that they will be able to achieve all their goals and wishes in their 30s!