SHINee’s Minho Reveals Just How Difficult The Choreography For “Don’t Call Me” Is

The choreography for “Don’t Call Me” is no joke.

SHINee‘s Minho reveals the difficulty level of the choreography for “Don’t Call Me” on KBS WORLD TV‘s Problem Child In House.

| SMTOWN/YouTube

With three of the members gone to serve their military service in the past two and a half years, then diving straight back into singing and dancing after not doing so for awhile was no doubt difficult. Minho shares that “[‘Don’t Call Me’] is the hardest choreography we’ve done so far.” And that says a lot, considering their other choreographies are nothing to scoff at either.


Minho further elaborates and says that he and the other members were fired up and passionate about the entire comeback because they haven’t had one in so long, but underestimated the difficulty of the choreography.

Minho: But now, we’re all in our 30s.

Jung Hyung-don: Except for Taemin.

Minho: Yes, except for Taemin. So when else would we be able to pull off such difficult choreography? This is like our last chance, so we went all in.

Kim Yong-man: Since you won’t get any younger.

Minho: Right. We went all in, but the choreography is really hard for us to do. We’re all exhausted from practicing it.