SHINee’s Minho Was Just Sitting Down And Doing Nothing, But The Staff Went Crazy Over His Visuals

They kept cheering and showering him with compliments!

SHINee‘s Minho has been a hot-topic visual ever since his debut, and is still hyped for his incredible looks 13 years later!

SHINee show a pictorial with Marie Claire Korea for their August 2021 issue, and flaunted every bit of their classy, stunning visuals!

A behind-the-scenes video of them shooting for the pictorial was released on SHINee’s official Youtube channel, where the members were shown having a great time on set!

They each took turns for their individual shots, and when it was Minho’s turn he sat down on a chair against the wall, all relaxed! Even when he was just sitting and waiting for the photoshoot to continue, the staff couldn’t help but gush over his visuals, and showered him with compliments!

Great! So good-looking! So cool! So handsome!

Surprised at first, Minho then adorably laughed, and thanked them for the praise!

You are all too nice!


In response, the staff then just threw more compliments his way!

He’s so great! So handsome! Handsome!

With each change of pose and camera angle, they cheered for him again and again!

Who wouldn’t fall for this handsome hunk?!

You can watch this adorable moment here!