SHINee’s Minho Spotted Playing Soccer With Fellow Marines And His Upgraded Visuals Left Everyone Speechless

All hail the visual god, Minho!

SHINee’s Minho was spotted participating in a soccer match with his fellow marines.


Sporting the military’s signature short cut hair, Minho stood proudly in front of hundreds of fans and spectators.


But fans quickly noticed just how much Minho’s bulked up since enlisting in the marines!


His shoulders seemed to be wider, his leg muscles were bulkier, but his adorable facial features were round and handsome as ever!


Minho seemed to have the time of his life as he cheered on his fellow marines and amazed the crowd with his own soccer skills!


But the topic of the day was none other than his ever stunning visuals!

“Is he crazy? Isn’t this basically a scene for a movie??”

“What’s going on why is he so f*cking good looking? Is he there shooting a photoshoot?”

“Wow sh*t… He’s so good looking”

“If Minho didn’t become an idol he definitely would’ve gone to sports”

“His face is so handsome”

— K-Netizen


Despite being in the military, Minho continues to blow everyone away with his ever upgrading visuals!


Minho is predicted to finish his military duties by November 2020.


Here’s to a safe, fun, and exciting year in the marines! See you soon, Minho!

Source: Nate Pann