[★BREAKING] SHINee Onew cleared of all sexual harassment charges

SM Entertainment has released a statement clearing Onew of the alleged sexual harassment charges.

SM Entertainment first apologized to all of SHINee’s fans for the news about this incident.

We would like to express our position on the incident the media has been reporting on about Onew.

Onew is a public figure and things about him aren’t being reported well. We are deeply reflecting on what has been a cause of concern for many people.

They explained Onew’s misunderstanding was caused by him being under the influence of alcohol.

Onew went to a club on the morning of August 12 with his friends to celebrate his debut as a DJ. While he was drunk and dancing, he inadvertently made contact with the people around him, causing a misunderstanding and was then investigated by police.

The victim in question also understood the nature of the situation and agreed to have all charges against Onew dropped.

However the other party also recognized that this situation could arise due to being drunk, so they said that it was all a misunderstanding, stated they wished for no punishments, and submitted a request to drop all of the charges.

Onew will still take part in any necessary investigations regarding this situation.

Onew will sincerely participate in the remaining investigations.

Please refrain from reporting any additional speculation. We apologize for any inconveniences.