SHINee’s Onew Felt “Different” While Releasing New Music This Time—Here’s Why

Onew talked about his latest album!

SHINee‘s Onew talked about his new solo album, and shared why the experience was so different from his last one!

Onew | SM Entertainment

Onew recently made his solo comeback with the album Dice and a title track of the same name. He held a showcase to celebrate his comeback, with the MC being none other than his fellow group member Minho!

Minho and Onew

Regarding his new album, Onew talked about how much hard work he put into his new album, and hopes SHAWOLs will be happy with it, too!

It’s my first solo album in three years and four months, and I’ve put much more thought into making the album. I hope the music I show this time is a step more mature than before.


He then revealed that even though this is his second comeback as a solo artist, it feels different because he was more involved with the creative process this time, and though the responsibility was refreshing, he was glad to have his members to help him through everything!

Although it’s my second album as a soloist, it feels different. I think I’ve matured in the aspect that I had to take responsibility in most of the process of the production, from what to wear, how to take the concept, where to shoot the music video, and so on.

Although that also increased the pressure weighing on me, it was the members who helped me endure the time.


| SM Entertainment

Onew made his comeback with “Dice”. Don’t forget to check it out here!

Source: The Korea Herald