SHINee’s Onew Names The Song On His New Album Which Was The Most Difficult To Record

Even though he struggled initially, he’s happy with everything!

SHINee‘s Onew made his long-awaited solo comeback on April 11, and also held a press conference for his comeback, for which the MC was none other than his fellow group member Minho!

Minho and Onew

The two talked about his new comeback, and how he’s showing fans a new side of himself as a solo artist! They soon brought up the songs in his album, and Minho chose his favorite—”On The Way”!

Onew | SM Entertainment

Onew, while glad to hear it, talked about how the song was the most complex one out of all the ones on his album, as he spent over 5 hours recording it!

The lyrics sing about how someone spends the night awake, brooding over the relationship with one’s lover, and feels like running straight at her. It took five hours to record, the longest among the six tracks.


| SM Entertainment

He then shared that even though it took a lot of work, he was very happy with how the song came out!

But I’m more than satisfied with the result.


You can listen to “On The Way” here!

And don’t forget to check out his comeback song “Dice” here!

Source: The Korea Herald