SHINee’s Onew Opens Up About Feeling Pressured About Being Viewed As A Singer Who Lacks Diversity

He talked about how he wants his latest comeback to change this image of his.

Ever since his debut, SHINee‘s Onew has been well-known for his soulful, deep baritone that pulls off the most touching of ballads perfectly!

Onew | SM Entertainment

But he revealed recently that while he loves to sing ballads and OSTs, his new goal is to now to be seen as a diverse artist!

| @dlstmxkakwldrl/Instagram

Onew recently made his comeback with the album Dice, and held a press conference for his comeback as well!

At the press conference, Onew talked about his new album, support from his members, and more! He also mentioned how, for his comeback this time, the keyword is “diversity”, because he wants to show a new side of himself to SHAWOLs everywhere!

I felt I needed to expand my spectrum. I didn’t want people to think that I’m only capable of ballad tracks or OSTs, but something new, including performances.

I hope this album sets that diversity of my career as that I write from now on.


Listen to his fun new song “Dice”, here!

Source: The Korea Herald