SHINee’s Onew (Deservedly) Goes Viral For His Live Vocals During “Don’t Call Me” Studio Choom Performance…7 Months Later

His voice is so beautiful!

SHINee Onew‘s beautiful voice is going viral, and he deserves all the hype!

SHIINee’s Onew | @shinee_Instagram

Studio Choom released SHINee’s performance of “Don’t Call Me” back in February, and they released the behind-the-scenes footage in March.


Although the performance came out many months ago, Onew has recently started going viral for his vocals from this performance.

In the behind-the-scenes video from the Studio Choom “Don’t Call Me” performance, Onew belted out the song’s powerful bridge.

The behind-the-scenes clip has been making the rounds on Twitter, and the internet can’t get over how good Onew sounded.

Onew’s vocals aren’t just being recognized by fans, however. They’re being recognized by his fellow SM Entertainment artists, too!

During the behind-the-scenes video from NCT DREAM‘s Studio Choom performance of “Hot Sauce,” Jeno mentioned that he watched SHINee’s “Don’t Call Me” performance.

Jeno said it was “very cool” that Onew sang live during the performance. Studio Choom performances typically emphasize the dance aspect of performances over vocals, so Jeno thought it was awesome that Onew chose to sing live even though he could have lipsynced.

We totally agree that Onew’s live performance was very cool, and we’ll never get enough of his voice!

Check out the full behind-the-scenes video below.