SHINee Reveals Which Juniors They Have Their Eye On, Offers Advice To New K-Pop Groups

They shared their picks in a new interview for “Don’t Call Me”.

K-Pop veterans SHINee are back with a new studio album and some advice for the next generation of stars.

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When SHINee debuted with “Replay” in 2008, the world was a much different place, and so was the K-Pop music industry. After thirteen years of making quality music, overcoming challenges, and breaking records, they are still going strong.

When SHINee connected with Rolling Stone to talk about Don’t Call Me, they were asked if any junior groups have caught their eye. Key chose their labelmates aespaSM Entertainment‘s newest girl group. These 4th generation rookies have been making waves since they debuted in November 2020 with “Black Mamba”.

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Taemin is interested to see how aespa’s AI concept will unfold.

They’re from our label, but I’m curious to see how aespa’s concept plays out. Communicating with fans through music can be a very emotional thing, so I’m interested in seeing how this works with the aespa AI virtual characters.

— Taemin

Key also named another labelmate, EXO, who have become one of the most successful 3rd generation K-Pop groups. EXO debuted in 2012 with the digital single “MAMA”.

Although they aren’t necessarily a new junior group, I’m looking forward to EXO and what they create after all the members complete their military service.

— Key

As one of the few remaining, active groups from K-Pop’s 2nd generation, Rolling Stone asked if SHINee has any advice for their juniors; “What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in your careers that you would want your juniors to take to heart?”

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For Key, time and life experience are everything.

To be honest, there were a lot of times when it felt like we were barely surviving. Rather than just getting through hardships, I truly think it takes around 10 years for someone to be able to expand their perspective. The only way to make a wise choice that someone with years of experience can make is to have years of experience.

— Key

“So just hold it in for ten years?” Taemin said, laughing. “In all seriousness, I think it’s really important to talk to each other and fight and figure out what is causing issues early on. Communicating a lot is important.”

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Source: Rolling Stone