SHINee Has Created Their Own Style And Color Of Music That Is Unique To Them

Their legacy continues!

K-Pop group SHINee, who debuted more than a decade ago, have become legends for being one of the longest-running groups in the industry. They have recently made a comeback with their seventh studio album, Don’t Call Me, and are ready to bring a bit of SHINee back into the K-Pop scene.

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This album comeback is special in that it is the first time the group is releasing something with all the members since the return of Onew, Key, and Minho from their mandatory military service.

In celebration of their long-awaited comeback, they held an interview with Dazed magazine to talk about their music and what’s to come for SHINee.

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They revealed that they chose “Don’t Call Me” for the title track because they needed it to show their style while expressing that they are back.

We felt that this was the perfect track because it also showcases our performance. That was something we really wanted to do. SHINee is a group that always tries something new.

⁠— Minho, Dazed interview

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Taemin revealed that because each of the members have strong identities of their own, this synergy becomes amplified when they come together as a group.

Because each of us is so strong and we work so hard, I think it was easy for us to build our own identities as individuals. So, when we come together as SHINee, that magnifies even more, expressing SHINee as a group.

⁠— Taemin, Dazed interview

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He also added that although they were a group that was produced in the beginning, they ultimately created their own color and style.

Onew revealed that in the beginning, he focused on his role in order to bring something to the team. But as time went on, he learned to be more aware and considerate of both himself and the other members. “I think that’s where the shift was in my priorities…being more considerate of  each other, and being more open with each other”.

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Key’s hope is for people to know the song they are listening to is a SHINee song. “When they listen to our album, we want them to think, ‘Oh, of course, this is SHINee’.”