SHINee’s Taemin Adorably Reveals All His Favorite And Least Favorite Foods

You’ll really feel him on his opinions about food.

SHINee‘s Taemin revealed the foods he gets excited about these days, and also the foods that he likes the least!

Taemin recently appeared as a guest on the ASMR show, After_zzZ on YouTube! The show gave fans tons of adorable and equally hilarious Taemin moments, of which is bright smile was the highlight!

The rules of the show state that if the volume goes above 70 decibels, the guest gets a penalty! Taemin coolly stated that he’s okay with them, because he gets really into things once they grown on him!

I’m the type of person to be really amped on things once they grow on me.


This prompted the staff to ask him what he’s been amped up on these days, and Taemin revealed that he’s been really excited about food these days, and also opened up about all the foods he was previously obsessed with as well!

Seaweed soup with soy sauce braised beef! In the past, I was obsessed with eating pig’s feet, or spicy hot pot.


He would have revealed more, when the microwave he was using made a loud beeping noise, effectively making him eligible for yet another penalty!

Another time Taemin revealed his food preferences was when he was asked if he had any guilty pleasures.

What’s Taemin’s guilty pleasure?

Taemin revealed his guilty pleasure to be gopchang (small intestine)!

I know its bad for my health but I can’t help myself when I eat it, which is gopchang. Gopchang with soju!

I do know it’s really bad for my health but I’ve been craving gopchang so much these days.


He then revealed more foods that he’s been crazy about lately!

Daechang [large intestine] is really good, daechang!

Beef gopchang and pork makchang…

Pork skin is really good too! Parts like fat are really delicious!

Why do such things taste so good…Why is delicious food bad for our health?


He then began revealing all the foods he hates as well!

Vegetables taste really bad.

Salad? Seriously, it tastes so bad! I’m serious.

I hate them!


He then lamented over how only healthy foods like vegetables, which taste terrible, are the only ones that help out with things like good skin!

But you know, eating vegetables helps us have good skin, right?

Which is so unfair.


Watch Taemin’s adorably gush about food from the 3:53 mark here!

Taemin also recently made his comeback with his album Never Gonna Dance Again, and title track “Criminal”.