SHINee’s Taemin Gives Advice To Anyone Dreaming Of Being An Idol

It took more than skills to be successful.

At the beginning of April, SHINee‘s Taemin was discharged from the military. To catch up with fans, he recently filmed a Q&A to answer their many questions. One topic they were curious about was advice on becoming a singer.

Although Taemin made his debut fifteen years ago, he remained humble. He voiced his concern that his advice may not be helpful but still offered it.

Taemin pointed out it wasn’t necessary to worry about having the skills to debut. Training made that easier. He said, “From your dancing, singing skills, attitude on stage, etc. You do a lot of training.

He shared what should really be their focus. Taemin said, “Working on your skills is the basics, and what comes after that is establishing your own identity, your color.” He then explained why it was so important.

What makes an idol unique will draw a fanbase that appreciates them for it. Taemin said, “That’s how the audience finds you and likes you.

While skills are essential to being a singer or idol, what makes them stand out becomes a deciding factor in their success.


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