SHINee’s Taemin Proves Weight Is Just A Number With How Cute He Looks After A 10KG Gain

This is the first time he’s gained weight since debut.

Everyone couldn’t bear to send SHINee‘s Taemin off to the military when the time rolled around. But it seems like all worries were put to rest when his recent updates were revealed. Through an official channel by the military on YouTube, he answered a total of 30 questions about his life in the military.

Not only was it shared that he had applied for the vocal position in the military band, he also shared a welcome news for many fans. Taemin had been known for his svelte physique prior to his enlistment. As a dancer, he was required to be light on his feet. Not only that, Taemin is naturally slim to begin with. Throughout his period as an active singer, he’s always been the lightest in the group.

Although he began to bulk up through exercise in recent years, Taemin’s huge weight change happened in the most unexpected place — the military! Taemin stated that he has been sleeping and eating so well that he gained 10kg ever since enlistment.

On weekdays, I wake up at 6.30 and have breakfast, then there’s an asembly at 9. After tending to work, I have lunch and continue with my duties until dinner time. Then, we have personal time and there is also roll call in the evening. Spending my days regularly like this, I gained 10kg.

— Taemin

Check out his adorable updates below.


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