The Reason SHINee’s Taemin Was Embarrassed To Meet Junior Idols

Meeting junior idols created a unique situation for him.

SHINee‘s Taemin recently sat down with idol-turned-actress Ahn So Hee, who debuted in the legendary JYP Entertainment girl group Wonder Girls. As they chatted about their shared experiences as singers, they reached the topic of meeting their idol juniors.

Ahn So Hee and Taemin. | @ssoheean/Instagram

Taemin admitted it was initially awkward for him, “When I see my juniors, I think… ‘I’m embarrassed.’

Since he made his debut at fourteen years old, it created a unique situation where he was younger than his juniors but much more experienced as an idol. Taemin explained, “Because I debuted pretty early, even when I was a senior, I was quite young.

Now that SHINee has entered their sixteenth year together, Taemin was stunned by how young newer idols are. Realizing that god (formerly known as g.o.d) and SHINHWAwould have felt the same way” when seeing their juniors SHINee and Wonder Girls, Taemin now understood how fresh-faced they looked. He said, “When I see them recording, they’re just babies.

At only thirty years old, Taemin has already spent over half his life being a K-Pop idol. No wonder people still get surprised that he looks so young to be a veteran singer.