SHINee’s Taemin Releases First Military Photo And We Are Not Okay

It’s his first update after two weeks!

SHINee‘s Taemin has just uploaded his first update after joining the military, and Shawols are excited to finally hear from him.

| @SHINee/Twitter

After a rumored release of Taemin’s first military photo circulated— only for the rumored photo to not include Taemin— his first real military photo update arrived. In it, he sits amongst a row of other men, each holding a sign that spells out “Parents, we love you” when read all together.

The update came two weeks after his official enlistment, and Shawols are happy and relieved to hear from him. His first military photo joins his hyung’s (older members) first photos, thus completing SHINee’s series of first military photo updates.


Shawols eagerly await his next update, and count down the days until his return!