Why SHINee’s Taemin Fought With All The Members—And How They Solved It

Idol-turned-actress Ahn So Hee didn’t expect it but could relate.

Chatting about their shared experiences of debuting young, SHINee‘s Taemin and former Wonder Girls member Ahn So Hee couldn’t go without discussing group disagreements.

Ahn So Hee and Taemin. | @ssoheean/Instagram

Being completely honest, Taemin revealed that SHINee’s fifth year wasn’t smooth sailing. He confessed he was the only one who fought with all the members.

Reflecting on those disagreements, Taemin admitted, “I have a bit of an irritable personality.” However, there was an underlying reason. One that was out of Taemin’s control.

As the youngest member, Taemin didn’t feel he was being taken seriously because of his age. He explained, “You know, instead of getting a lot of attention. I mean, there are parts where I think I’m losing something because of being young.

And since he was a teenager just entering adulthood, Taemin’s hormones were raging and caused him to act impulsively, causing fights with the members. They never left the situation on a bad “Note”, though.

Taemin and whoever he fought with would quickly patch up things. Making Ahn So Hee laugh, Taemin said, “After fighting, [we’d] go to the rooftop and make up.” The idol wasn’t alone in his growing pains.

Ahn So Hee could relate because she debuted a year before Taemin and was only a year older. She complimented the other Wonder Girls members for handling her rocky teenage years well. She even confessed they once got into a heated fight as well.

Sixteen-year-old Sohee wasn’t easy. I was so grateful to the members. The unnies accepted it well.

— Ahn So Hee

Taemin and Ahn So Hee showed how teenage hormones can be challenging for young idols—and the other members—to handle.