SHINee’s Taemin Has Netizens Begging For Mercy After His Sexy “Tokyo WATERBOMB Festival 2023” Debut


SHINee‘s Taemin returned from his mandatory military service on April 4 and wasted no time returning to the stage.

SHINee’s Taemin | @xoalsox/Twitter

After holding a solo fan meeting at the end of April, he joined SHINee for their 15th-anniversary fan meeting, Everyday is SHINee Day: [Piece of SHINE], in May and promotions for their eighth studio album HARD in June.

(From left:) SHINee’s Onew, Taemin, Minho, and Key | @SHINee/Twitter

Taemin is known for his many talents and has had an accomplished solo career along with his career as a member of SHINee.

The SHINee maknae is known for fully embodying his solo concepts, and many Shawols couldn’t wait to see what Taemin had in store for his solo promotions once he returned from the military.

SHINee Taemin’s “Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 2” concept photos from 2020 | SM Entertainment

In June, it was announced that Taemin would be performing solo at Tokyo WATERBOMB Festival 2023 on July 30.

The highly-anticipated festival finally happened, and Taemin stole the show with his sexy solo stage.

Netizens couldn’t get over Taemin’s unexpectedly buff transformation as he had his abs and muscular arms on full display.

He originally wore a white sleeveless shirt and white pants before teasing the audience by removing the top to reveal a see-through cropped sleeveless shirt underneath.

Taemin took over the WATERBOMB Festival stage with his charismatic performance and had netizens hilariously begging for him to have mercy on them due to his teasing personality and sensual dancing.

Shawols hilariously thanked fellow SHINee member Minho for Taemin’s buff appearance after the two members previously revealed they’ve been going to the gym together.

Taemin left a lasting impression after his WATERBOMB Festival debut!

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