SHINee’s Taemin Thanks Fans For Iconic “Protest” Trucks

Fans asked for change in the most polite way possible.

Fans recently sent “protest” trucks to SM Entertainment on behalf of SHINee‘s Taemin.

SHINee’s Taemin | SM Entertainment

In more recent years, K-Pop fans have been able to send messages to entertainment companies in several ways. Social media and emails are two of the easiest ways to do so, but protest trucks are the most attention-getting, without a doubt.

Protest trucks usually feature messages to the company on LED screens and are stationed around its headquarters. These have been used to demand better circumstances for idols and even request a member’s removal from the group.

Aespa Fans Send Protest Trucks To SM Entertainment For Karina

In late December, Chinese fans sent LED trucks to SM Entertainment, with many positive messages for Taemin.

First TruckLet’s end the year on a happy note and let’s greet the new year with lots of hope. Chinese Jjakgungs will always be next to Taemin.
Second Truck: (Korean text) Even if you’re fall away from each other, if your hearts are connected, you can’t tell how far apart you are.
Third TruckTo our beloved Taemin, you’ve done well, you’re doing well, and you’ll continue to do well.

However, fans sending the trucks did have a couple of points of complaint, including politely requesting that his next solo concert take place in a bigger venue.

When the flowers bloom next year, let’s meet again at a bigger concert hall.

Protest Truck

Another complaint involved Taemin’s performances, or rather, the lack of a specific one. In October 2023, Taemin returned with “Guilty,” a song that was met with some mixed reactions.

However, like all of Taemin’s releases, the artist put on amazing performances, leading fans to hope he would appear on end-of-year shows to perform.

This has not been the case and this particular protest truck message requested to see more “Guilty” performances by Taemin.

We want to see more performances of God Taemin’s great “Guilty.”

— Protest Truck

This message came at the perfect time, as shortly after the trucks were sent to SM Entertainment, it was teased that the Golden Disc Awards would feature a cover of “Guilty.” Taemin is not scheduled to attend the award show as of writing.

Taemin seemed to agree with the sentiments in these truck messages, thanking fans on his Instagram story by reposting the various images.

| @xoalsox/Instagram
| @xoalsox/Instagram

Hopefully, these requests will be met in a way that leaves both Taemin and fans satisfied. The other messages were a nice change from the usual “protest” truck usage!

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that the trucks were sent following the GDA teaser. The “protest” trucks were planned before and just happened to coincide with the GDA tweet.