SHINee’s Taemin Reveals The Chilling Inspiration Behind The Point Moves For His “Criminal” Choreography

You’ll never be able to unsee this.

SHINee‘s Taemin revealed the chilling inspiration behind the choreography point of his latest song, “Criminal”!

| SM Entertainment

In a video titled “Criminal” Dance Tutorial uploaded to YouTube, Taemin gave NCT‘s Mark and Jeno lessons in learning the choreography for “Criminal”!

And with their amazing dance skills, the two had the moves down pat!

After learning the point dance of the choreography successfully, Taemin revealed that he hadn’t decided on a name for the point move yet. He asked for Mark and Jeno’s thoughts on a name.

Shall we make a name for the dance? In fact…there’s no name for the point choreography.

Since we met each other, shall we make one? What do you think?

Can each of you say your choice?

— Taemin

While Mark drew a blank, Jeno offered the idea of a “marionette”, because the main choreography reminds him of a puppet being moved!

For me, marionette came up to my mind, for these kinds of motions…

— Jeno

It was at this moment that Taemin revealed the spooky inspiration behind this particular dance move!

But can I tell you one scary thing about this? Let’s say there’s a dead body.. It’s dead, a person is dead.

We made this choreo thinking that is how a person is seen from the perspective of a dead person.

— Taemin

At this, Mark, wide-eyed, asked,

From…a dead person’s perspective..?

— Mark

And Taemin further elaborated on how a dead person would move, and how they incorporated it into the choreography.

The person would move like this..and walk like this too…

— Taemin

Regardless of the morbid inspiration behind it, the choreography for “Criminal” still slaps!

Taemin recently made his comeback with his album Never Gonna Dance Again and title track “Criminal”.

Watch the MV and the “dead person” point choreography here!

And you can watch him describing the moves here from 6:35 onwards!