SHINee’s Taemin Reveals How He Designed His Pajama Collection

6v6 pajamas are not a want, but a need!

Shawols, here’s your chance to be styled by Taemin!

In a video recently uploaded to SHINee‘s YouTube channel, Taemin offered a glimpse into how he designed his upcoming pajama collection that will be released with SPAO, a Korean fashion brand.

Taemin told Shawols he wanted to make something nice for them and eventually decided that pajamas were the perfect choice for his collaboration.

In the video, he gave fans a peek into the process of coming up with the design, finalizing the design, and choosing the perfect fabric and shape for the pajamas.

Taemin explained that he chose light fabrics to keep Shawols cool at night during the summer to help them sleep deeply and stay well-rested.

Taemin used his signature 6v6 emoticon to create a pattern for the pajamas, but he decided that adding it horizontally was too boring. To make the design more interesting and visually appealing, Taemin opted to make the 6v6 pattern diagonal.

Taemin chose to make light gray, dark gray, and cream-colored pajamas, and his attention to detail shone through when he explained his reason for choosing those colors.

 Instead of adding some special colors, I wanted any color that would look nice with any color of the bed. I thought that would be nice.

— Taemin

Whether you like sleeping in long sleeves and pants or short sleeves and shorts, there’s something in this collection for you!

Taemin created a pajama set with a long-sleeved top and pants, as well as a set with a short-sleeved top and shorts so Shawols can sleep in style no matter their pajama preference.

The release date for Taemin’s collaboration with SPAO hasn’t been announced yet, but we’re ready to buy all the pajama sets when they drop!

| yootaeyanq/Tumblr

Check out the full video about Taemin’s upcoming pajama collection below!