SHINee’s Taemin Was Told He Is Popular Among Girl Groups… His Reaction Is Everything

Something every male idol wishes they heard

Despite the restrictions on dating that K-Pop idols face, most fans can’t help but want to know more about their love lives. Almost certainly, putting people with such stunning visuals together is sure to make sparks fly.

Henry Lau made an appearance on Life Bar were he revealed something incredibly interesting about one of his fellow guests.

He revealed that this particular idol was incredibly popular among girl groups. This idol could not believe what Henry said and was convinced that Henry was just joking around with him.

But Henry swore that it was true. He even said that one girl group member told him in person and confirmed that this idol was admired among girl groups.

It shouldn’t be surprising as this idol not only had stunning visuals and a chiseled body but he is also extremely talented and has a humble personality. This guy is the whole package!

The idol that was told he is popular with girl groups is of course, Taemin.

When he heard what Henry told him, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. When he finally comprehended this, he was so shocked he was speechless. Taemin jokingly expressed that now he has truly made it as a K-Pop idol.

Goodbye, I guess I should leave now.

— Taemin

He continued to ask Henry to stop joking around with him, but Henry insisted that what he was saying was true. But Taemin, couldn’t stop smiling and it was clear that he was thrilled with hearing this.

Taemin was so enthusiastic about this news that he took a moment to busk in this newfound knowledge. He still couldn’t stop smiling! Guess knowing that many girl group members idolize you must be a real confidence booster! It’s no surprise that Taemin would be popular among girl groups. He can be cute, funny and caring.

But when performing, he can be sexy, mysterious and charismatic. Additionally, he is one of the most hard-working idols, constantly setting himself goals and successfully achieving these.

In particular, he has drastically improved his singing range and his vocal abilities, becoming one of K-Pop’s most proficient vocalists.

But in the same episode, it was also pointed out that Taemin is most commonly named as a role model by K-Pop trainees and rookie idols. He was clearly touched by this, saying that he considered it as “something special”.

It looks like neither male nor female idols are immune to the charms and talent of Taemin. Check out the full clip below: