SHINee Taemin’s Unexpected Gesture Toward aespa’s Winter Gains Attention

“My man knew he cooked…”

K-Pop idols are often known not just for their musical and dancing talents but also for their charismatic personalities and the unique content they share with their fans. In a delightful fusion of talent and humor, SHINee‘s Taemin has recently caught the attention of the K-Pop community with a lighthearted moment shared with aespa‘s Winter.

| @xoalsox/Instagram

The two idols collaborated to create a TikTok video promoting aespa’s latest single, “Drama.” The clip shows Taemin and Winter performing a snippet of the song’s choreography, a common practice among idols to engage with fans and boost their songs’ reach. This particular TikTok, however, has amassed over 1.4 million views and received close to 200,000 likes, a testament to the pair’s popularity and the impact of their collaborative effort.


#ImtheDrama with #TAEMIN ❤️‍🩹🩶 #SHINee #태민 #aespa #WINTER #윈터 #Drama #aespaDrama

♬ Drama – aespa

While the dance moves and the idols’ charisma are usually the focal points of such promotions, it was Taemin’s comedic timing that stole the show this time. In the opening seconds of the TikTok, he humorously pretends to shiver, a playful nod to Winter’s stage name. This unexpected gesture didn’t just highlight Taemin’s quick wit but also demonstrated the close friendship between the two idols, something that fans greatly cherish.

The fan community has wholeheartedly embraced this amusing moment, with one fan’s tweet highlighting the jest receiving over 11,000 retweets and nearly 70,000 likes. Such figures are indicative of how K-Pop fans celebrate not only the music and performances but also the personalities and interactions of their favorite idols. Taemin’s ability to invoke laughter and joy while supporting a fellow artist illustrates the multifaceted nature of being a K-Pop idol — it’s about creating a connection with the audience in every possible way.

The adorable interaction serves as a reminder of the lighter side of K-Pop, where amidst the fiercely competitive industry and the pressure to constantly perform, idols like Taemin find moments to express their playful sides. His “shivering” next to Winter is a playful gesture that resonates with fans for its simplicity and creativity.

In the grand scheme of things, such viral moments do more than just entertain — they contribute to the artists’ public personas and help in building a loyal fan base that feels closely connected to the idols. Taemin’s comedic genius has, therefore, not just brought a moment of silliness but has also strengthened the bond he shares with his fans.