SHINee’s Jonghyun reveals the lyrics he wrote were approved by Lee Soo Man

Jonghyun, who wrote the lyrics for SHINee‘s comeback title track “View,” revealed that the lyrics were personally approved by Lee Soo Man at their concert’s press conference on May 17th.

Discussing their newly released album Odd, Jonghyun explained that he met Lee Soo Man at his secretary’s wedding, who expressed his love for Jonghyun’s lyrics. The praise made Jonghyun stopped worrying and gained confidence.

As SHINee’s last studio album Why So Serious was released one year and seven months ago and this is that seventh year since their debut, they have put in a lot of effort into the new album. They further revealed that this is an album that can make one understand SHINee better with reinterpretations and links with to their previous albums, saying it will be fun to discover.

With Jonghyun writing the lyrics, the title song “View” is a deep house genre and its up tempo matches well with SHINee’s R&B and sensual vocals. It will be performed on Mnet‘s M! Countdown on May 21st, MBC‘s Show! Music Core on May 23rd and SBS‘s Inkigayo on May 24th alongside other tracks from the album like “Love Sick” and “Woof Woof.”

SHINee WORLD IV in SEOUL was held at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium on May 16th and 17th, and SHINee’s new studio album Odd was released on May 18th.

Source: Newsen