SHINee’s Key Shares Farewell Message Before Military Enlistment

We’ll miss you, Key!

SHINee’s Key wrote a farewell message to “all his little freaks” before he says goodbye to Shawols for 20 months for his mandatory military service.



Key also attached a picture of himself with his brand new military haircut, and promised to return happy and healthy. Read Key’s full letter below:

To. All my little freaks

Hello, this is SHINee’s Key. Have you all been doing well?

Since I debuted in 2008, it has been quite busy, but I have come this far.

I have shared many precious memories with everyone, and you all are the reason I am staying on this path [as an idol] without losing my place.

I am always thankful and thankful again, and I’m sorry I’m not able to share my heart and feelings during times like this.

I’ve never had an extended break as long as this, but on March 4 after I enlist in the military, I won’t be able to greet you all for a while.

Even though you all might be sad and disappointed because of the long wait in between albums, I know that you all will be waiting for me during this time, but you don’t have to worry about me. I will return happy and in good health.

I hope everyone will always be happy and stay healthy.

I am always thankful and I love you all.

P.S. I’m leaving!!!!!♡

— Key