SHINee’s lyricist apologizes for her “sexist” lyrics

SHINee‘s lyricist  Eana Kim has responded to commenters calling her out for “sexist” lyrics. 

On November 15th, Eana Kim confirmed that she wrote the lyrics for SHINee’s “If You Love Her.” A capture of her listening to the track was uploaded on her personal Instagram account.

Things took a different turn, however, after she received negative comments about a certain phrase used in the song. Some netizens pointed out that the line “Cherish her more than you would a flower” was discriminatory against women.

Eana Kim shared this response on her personal account ande admitted, “There are a lot of listeners who pinpoint sexist expressions in songs. I have tried to be more and more careful but I slip up constantly and it makes me realize how deeply rooted the problem is.” She described the criticisms as a “healthy phenomenon” for lyricists like her to be careful about sexism in their work. She ended the statement with a promise, “I am going to try to become a lyricist that thinks more about the stereotypes of men and women.”

Instagram photo by 김이나 * Nov 15, 2016 at 6:40am UTC

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Eana Kim is a lyricists famous for her contributions in the Korean music industry. Her famous works include: Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra,” IU’s “Good Day and Suzy and Baekhyun’s “Dream.”

Recently, she collaborated with SHINee for “If You Love Her,” was included in their repackaged album, 1 and 1.

블링블링 이즈 샤이니. 꽃보다 아낀단 표현 아차싶네ㅠ #work #샤이니 #ifyouloveher #샤이니발라드 #샤발샤발해 #정신차리자

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Listen to the song down below:

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