SHINee’s Onew confirmed as male lead for upcoming web drama, “Dating Was The Easiest”

SHINee’s Onew is the latest idol to turn into an actor after being casted for upcoming web drama, Dating Was The Easiest. 

Earlier today, it was confirmed that Onew was selected as the main male lead for upcoming web drama Dating Was The Easiest, making it his first lead role in an acting stint. According to the drama production team, Onew auditioned for the role along with 2,000 other applicants and was selected for his portrayal of the role.

Despite the auditions for the role, however, the production team failed to find the main female lead and are still in the process of recruiting one. The hated response of the audition process was due to the popularity of the original webtoon loved mostly by women about a character named Hari and a mountain god, Ho Won.

It will start airing in April through Beetm TV. 

Source: Star News