Shinhwa’s Eric Reacted To His Wife Na Hye Mi’s Kiss Scene In A Way She Didn’t Expect

She also revealed how she’d react.

Actress Na Hye Mi appeared on Happy Together 4, where she discussed how her husband, Eric from Shinhwa, reacted to her kiss scenes with actor Park Sung Hoon.


Na Hye Mi played the character of Kim Mi Ran, who falls in love with Jang Go Rae (played by Park Sung Hoon). In the drama, the pair had a few romantic kiss scenes!


And apparently, Eric had something to say about them!


Na Hye Mi revealed that Eric tries to be understanding as they both work in the same industry, but he had fits of jealousy while watching her kiss scenes in My Only One!

“Since we work in the same industry, he tries to be understanding. We sometimes monitor each others’ dramas. We cheer each other on.

We were watching the episode a second time, and it was the scene where I kiss [Park Sung Hoon]. [Eric] was monitoring my acting when he suddenly paused it and said, ‘I’m not going to watch anymore.’

When we’re watching the episode live, you can’t pause it so we watch the whole thing, so… he turned to me and said, ‘You!’”

— Na Hye Mi


Ultimately, she agreed that it was better to see him get jealous than have no problem with her kissing other men even as an act.


Na Hye Mi also revealed that she’d probably get jealous if she saw him kiss another actress!

“I think of his opinion first. If he thinks its a good project and he really wants to do it, then [it’s okay].

[But] I think it’ll be best if we watch it separately.”

—  Na Hye Mi


Talk about the cutest actor-actress couple!

Source: Osen