Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan Shares How Creepy And Invasive “Sasaengs” Can Really Get

He asked that they respect his privacy.

In a recent Instagram update, Shinhwa‘s Kim Dong Wan shared how invasive some fans (or “sasaengs 사생”) have gotten with pictures of his mail having been taken from his house and scribbled on.


The writing on these envelopes read, “LOL, found ya! Stupid Kim Dong San!” (front) and “It was super hard trying to track down your house. Look, it’s someone I know!” (back)


Kim Dong Wan, in the caption, pleaded that he did not appreciate these letters being taken from his mailbox and that he would like to be able to feel safe in his own home.

Please respect my right to relax at my own place.

— Kim Dong Wan


When he first uploaded the post, however, he used several hashtags to show his discomfort with the situation. He tagged, “If you did this to be funny”, “I’ll make it not so funny anymore”, “Your face has been captured well on CCTV”. The tags suggested that he might consider legal action against the person(s) who violated his privacy and tampered with his mail.


Sasaengs have always been a colossal problem in the K-Pop industry. They can, in fact, be very aggressive and easily make K-Pop stars feel threatened and unsafe – even in their own homes.

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Kim Dong Wan’s fans responded to the Instagram post by asking everyone to “grow up and be mature in their choice of action.” They asked Kim Dong Wan to proceed with taking legal measures to penalize the fan(s) who invaded his privacy. Since the post, Kim Dong Wan has not yet shared his future plans on how to deal with his “sasaeng” problem.

That’s a psychopath though… No way could an average person think to do such a thing.

— Instagram @yeongeun0705

Please just sue them. If you let them off easy, they’ll for sure come back and do it again.

— Instagram @killy_kheun

Don’t let them off easy. Make sure you penalize them. These people aren’t fans…

— Instagram @dallight_