Here’s How An Idol With 21 Years Of Experience Comforted His Crying Fan

Here’s how he made her stop crying:

Shinhwa‘s Kim Dongwan, who is celebrating his 21st anniversary since becoming an idol, comforted his crying fan in the most unique way.

On March 23, Dongwan shared on his Instagram a photo of his crying fan along with the hashtags #WhereAreYou #AreYouDoingWell #hellohellohellohello #100thpost.


The photo was from back in January 2017 during his fansign event held in Mokdong.

When the fan first began crying, Dongwan was surprised and tried to smile for her.


Then he tried pretending to cry as well.


When that didn’t work, he took out his cell phone and poked fun at her by pretending to take a photo.


Then he held her hand tight and eventually handed her a cookie, telling her to stop crying.


It wasn’t until recently that fans found out he actually took the picture! Check out the full video below:


Source: Dispatch