Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo Reveals He’s The One Who Created This Important Part Of BTS

He played a critical role in creating this for BTS.

Shinhwa‘s Lee Minwoo appeared on Please Take Care Of My Refridgerator where he revealed that he played a critical role in creating BTS‘s signature greeting.


Lee Minwoo recalled how BTS came to greet them during their debut days. Minwoo noticed that BTS didn’t have a set signature greeting while introducing themselves. So he advised them to think of a creative way to introduce themselves by adding an impactful gesture.

BTS came to greet us at our waiting room, and they were very simple with their greeting. I told them, much like how Shinhwa greets with ‘We’re Shinhwa!’, it’d be good for them to have an impactful greeting as well.

Now, BTS greets with ‘We’re Bangtan!’ with a handgun-shaped gesture. I suggested that they come up with a creative greeting.

— Lee Minwoo


And thus, BTS created their signature handgun motion during their greeting!


And BTS continues to use the gesture to this day! It appears Lee Minwoo gave them a piece of solid advice that has left an impactful motion to BTS’s career!


Lee Minwoo also revealed how Jungkook and he grew closer through Bromance and their interest in exercise. They’ve also been confirmed to reunite for another episode dropping soon!

We got close by filming a show called Bromance. I was born in 1979 and he was born in 1997.

We were able to become close thanks to our same career path and love for exercise. We still keep in touch.

— Lee Minwoo


Junjin playfully also confessed that he knew BTS would “become superstars who shake the world” from the very beginning!


Here’s to BTS’s careers lasting as long and as successful as Shinhwa who is currently the longest running group without any member change or hiatus!

Shinhwa’s signature greeting pose.