Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo Accused Of Forcefully Kissing And Sexually Harassing Two Women

He allegedly forcefully kissed the women and groped their bodies.

Shinhwa‘s Lee Minwoo was accused of sexually harassing two women while he was out drinking.

According to the police, Lee Minwoo was drinking at a restaurant in Gangnam on June 29. He was with other colleagues from the entertainment industry when he later approached two women who were drinking at a table nearby. He allegedly sexually harassed them by forcefully kissing them on the mouth. It’s been revealed that the women weren’t strangers but his acquaintances.

After everyone left around 6:44 am, one of the women reported to the police that she was sexually harassed.

I was severely harassed sexually while I was out drinking today. [Lee Minwoo] grabbed my cheeks and forcefully kissed me. He touched my body too.

— Woman

The Gangnam Police confirmed that they have received a report about Lee Minwoo but they have yet to investigate him for the alleged crimes.

We are looking to [Lee Minwoo] for forced sexual harassment.

— Gangnam Police

Source: Donga Ilbo