Shinhwa to release “15th Anniversary Concert” 3D movie

Shinhwa will meet their fans through the big screen as part of their 16th anniversary. As one of South Korea’s long-lasting first generation boy group, Shinhwa is to release the film SHINHWA LIVE 3D THE LEGEND CONTINUES to commemorate their 15th anniversary concert. The film is set to release this December!

Prior to their promotion starting next year, Shinhwa have prepared a special year-end film for the fans. The upcoming documentary film is based on both 15th anniversary concert that took place in March of 2013 and SHINHWA GRAND FINALE “THE CLASSIC” in SEOUL concert in August of 2013. Moreover, the movie will not only include scenes from the concerts, but also behind the scene cuts of members practicing, rehearsing, and taking photo-shoots.

Meanwhile, the six members, including, Eric, Min Woo, Dong Wan, Hye Sung, Jun Jin, and Andy made their debut as Shinhwa in 1998. Their popularity have surpassed beyond Korea into the fans overseas as well.

Catch Shinhwa in 3D movie starting December 11th.

Source: Wow TV