Here’s The Secret Method For K-Pop Idols To Continue Without Disbanding

More K-Pop idol groups are disbanding each year, but there’s one group that defeated the test of time. Here’s their secret method to not disbanding.

The legendary K-Pop boy group Shinhwa just celebrated their 20th anniversary. They’ve become legends as the idol group that has lasted the longest without ever disbanding.


With idol groups failing to withstand the 7-year curse and some of the hottest group disbanding each year… Everyone asks, “How did Shinhwa last over 20 years together?” Well, Andy revealed their ‘secret method’ is trust.

“We try to be considerate and understanding to each other. If we all trust each other than you naturally become family. That’s how we’ve been together for 20 years.

Whenever we’re asked for the ‘special method’, we answer that we’re family. The members of Shinhwa sincerely love each other.

I always tell my juniors to trust each other. If you talk about your feelings often, you’ll become closer. That’s the secret to staying together.”

— Andy


There’s not really one ‘secret method’, though. Shinhwa was basically able to last over 20 years together because they trust each other to always have the members’ happiness as a top priority. They have different desires and pursuits of happiness in life, but they stand by each others’ decisions as brothers not business partners.

“We all have different ways of pursuing what we want, and we all have different pursuits of happiness. It saddens me to see the idol groups disbanding these days.

I think the secret to continuing together for a long time is to be considerate to each others’ pursuits and pursuits of happiness.

Honestly, there isn’t a set method to continuing [for 20 years]. If there were a set method, wouldn’t everyone be promoting together forever?”

— Kim Dongwan


That way, an anniversary isn’t a ticking time bomb – it’s like a milestone in a marriage. Shinhwa doesn’t put an expiration date on their group promotions. They continue knowing that they’ll be together no matter what!

“[20 years] is just a number for me. That’s how natural it is for us to promote together. We don’t treasure each moment thinking, ‘This will all come to an end in a few years.’ We continue to build on it because we don’t see an end.

Nevertheless, it is an important milestone for the group and the fans, so we want to celebrate it together.”

— Eric


Eric also emphasized that the power of their fandom is the fuel that keeps them going. The fact that they grew up together with their fans will always motivate them to continue forward!

“I see a lot of our fans in various places. The students who used to cheer us on grew up to stand in their own place in society, and that’s what fuels us to keep going.

Our fans are doing their best in society, all the while continuing to cheer us on. That’s why we’ll also keep making good music for them.”

— Eric


As long as each of the members and fans are thankful for each other as family, the team will most likely continue to succeed just as Shinhwa has done! And as Minwoo put it perfectly – he can’t think of another group he’d ever join, even if he was reborn!

“The 20 years haven’t been easy, but I am thankful to the members who’ve stuck by each other and I want to become a member of this team even if I’m reborn. I personally think we’re the most amazing team in the whole world.

We continue to create music, not only because of the fans’ love, but also because of the members’ undying desire to never quit. We’ll be continue on year after year to give back to our fans.”

— Lee Minwoo

Source: SE Daily and Newsen