Shinhwa’s Andy Announces Marriage To Announcer Lee Eun Joo

“She is a person who makes me laugh when I’m struggling and cares deeply for me.”

Legendary first-generation group Shinhwa member Andy announced he would be getting married in June of this year.

Andy | @andyofficial___/Instagram

The singer’s label T.O.P Media announced on April 25, “Shinhwa’s Andy will be getting married on June 12 to announcer Lee Eun Joo.”

Lee Eun Joo | @eunju_ana/Instagram

The label further stated, “Please congratulate the couple. Andy will continue his promotions after the wedding.

The wedding will take place in private with only the couple’s closest family and friends in attendance.

Andy | @andyofficial___/Instagram

Shinhwa’s Andy had previously reached out to his fans regarding his upcoming nuptials in a handwritten letter. In the letter, the idol wrote, “She is a person who makes me laugh when I’m struggling and cares deeply for me. I would like to stop my life as a bachelor and begin a life with her.”

Andy’s handwritten letter | @andyofficial___/Instagram

The first generation idol’s wife to be is an announcer for Jeju MBC. Born in 1990, Lee Eun Joo is nine years younger than her fiance.

Lee Eun Joo | @eunju_ana/Instagram

Andy debuted in 1998 with Shinhwa. The singer has maintained his popularity throughout the years and is the third member of the group to get married after Eric, who married actress Na Hye Mi, and Jun Jin, who married air stewardess Ryu Yi Seo.

Top left to right: Shin Hyesung, Jun Jin, Eric… Bottom left to right: Andy, Minwoo, Kim Dongwan | Yonhap News
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