Shinhwa’s Eric gives heartfelt advice for today’s young K-Pop idol groups

According to the interview held with X Sport News released on October 16th, Eric from Shinhwa gives his heartfelt advice for young K-Pop idol groups today.

How has Shinhwa maintained all of their members for 16 years? Shinhwa the longest running K-pop idol group since their debut in 1998.

Though he insisted he is in no position to be giving advice, Eric voiced his personal thoughts on the recent incident of K-Pop idols’ resignation and leaving their respective groups.

Eric discusses his thoughts behind their long-living unification as Shinhwa, “There were nothing more special about us. We had same or similar concerns and worries that the idols today struggle with. There is only a very slight difference: are you willing to be resilient or stubborn during adverse timesShinhwa and our members too had those times. In fact, everybody goes through difficult days. But it is eventually up to considering one more time before making any decisions. It may be luck that brought us together until today, and I appreciate that.”

Meanwhile, Shinhwa is preparing to comeback with their 12th album beginning of next year to celebrate their 17th anniversary since debut. What are your thoughts on Eric’s opinion and on the frequent K-Pop drama incidents?