Shocking Footage Has Surfaced Of Staff At Seungri’s Club Allegedly Sexually Assaulting A Female Customer

Warning, the video is distressing.

BIGBANG’s Seungri is the part-owner of the “Burning Sun” nightclub which is located in the Gangnam area of Seoul. The club is in hot water right now as allegations of organised sexual assault and the bribing of police taking place inside the club are starting to emerge in Korean media.

Shocking CCTV footage from December last year has surfaced which shows a staff member dragging a struggling woman (who has allegedly been drugged) to the VIP room, reportedly to sexually assault her but these claims have not been verified and conflicting stories are emerging. The police were reportedly made aware of the assault by the woman but they did nothing and Burning Sun allegedly deleted the CCTV footage to try and cover their tracks.

An alternate explanation for this footage put forth by Burning Sun is that the guard was merely dealing with a particularly rowdy customer. Though others are saying that sexual assault is commonplace at the Burning Sun club and this behaviour is expected.

A witness, Mr. Kim, has now spoken up on MBC’s News Desk about further staff corruption at Buring Sun. Mr Kim claims to have been assaulted by the security guards at Burning Sun but was arrested as the assailant due to corrupt policing. There is reportedly footage of the security guards beating Mr Kim outside of the club and the CEO of the club, Mr. Jang may even have joined the guards in assaulting Mr. Kim.

“One person took the lead in beating me and the security guards helped out. It was extremely shameful. I remember everyone was watching me.”

The police claim that Mr. Kim was arrested for obstruction of business, while the club itself claims it was for sexual harassment. Seoul Metropolitan Police have given an official statement which claims that Mr. Kim was refusing to cooperate with authorities and that’s why he was arrested, they also said they are planning on investigating everyone involved with the incident including Mr Jang and the police officers themselves.

One of the few clear facts of this case is that Seungri is not at all involved besides part-owning the club. He is still expected to give a statement however due to his involvement with the club as a business venture.


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