Short Video Of Lee Jin Wook Arriving At Police Station For Questioning Goes Viral

Recently, a GIF of actor Lee Jin Wook went viral due to his appearance.

According to the original post on the Korean site Instiz, Lee Jin Wook was on his way to police questioning. In the GIF, Lee Jin Wook is seen stepping out of his car in a black and white suit and fixing his hair on his way to talk to the media.

Netizens went crazy due to the fact that, in comparison to other celebrities who have gone to policy questioning in the past, actor Lee Jin Wook looked much more confident and laid-back, allegedly because he was “confident of his innocence.”


On July 14th, actor Lee Jin Wook was accused of sexual assault. However, on July 27th, after the investigation had already begun, Lee Jin Wook was cleared of the assault charge when the accuser admitted that the allegation was false.

Source: Instiz and Dispatch