“The Show” To Gift Weekly Winners With Times Square Billboard Advertisements

(G)I-DLE was featured on Times Square!

SBS MTV‘s The Show will now award their weekly winners with billboard advertisements in Times Square, New York!

#더쇼X스타패스 가 #더쇼초이스 에게 준비한 특별한 선물🎁저번 주 금요일! 뉴욕 #타임스퀘어 에 등장한 #아이들 다시 한번 더쇼초이스 수상을 축하합니다! 내 가수에게 더쇼초이스와 뉴욕 타임스퀘어 광고를 선물하고 싶다면? #더쇼 플레이~

Posted by SBS MTV The Show on Sunday, June 3, 2018

“Last Friday! Congratulations to The Show Choice winners, (G)I-DLE, who appeared on New York Times Square! Do you want to gift your artists with The Show Choice and New York Times Square billboard? #TheShow Play~” — The Show


To celebrate the winners of the previous week, The Show featured (G)I-DLE on the Times Square billboard!

The ad ran for 24 hours from June 1st at 8am until June 2nd at 8am.


News reports state that The Show will be awarding their winners with the special billboard advertisements each week.


That means their latest winner SHINee will be featured all across Times Square this week!

Congratulations #SHINee!!

Congratulations #SHINee!!Congratulations SHINee World!!180605 #GoodEvening1stWin 🎉💓🎊💓🎉💓🎊💓🎉💓🎊You guys did it!!! Thank you for all the hardwork and let's keep doing our best while having fun with the boys!! #SHINeeIsFIVE #SHINee_TheStoryofLight

Posted by SBS MTV The Show on Tuesday, June 5, 2018


The Show continues to globalize their show to include foreign fans. Prior to the Times Square billboards, they created an app called StarPass, where fans from all over the world can also participate in live voting for the weekly winners!

The app features six different languages, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.


Congratulations to (G)I-DLE once again!


이제 더쇼 초이스되면 뉴욕 타임스퀘어 전광판에 나옴 ,,, 이거 실화냐?#더쇼초이스 #스타패스 #타임스퀘어전광판

Posted by SBS MTV on Friday, June 8, 2018

Source: Osen