Show Me The Money 10 Contestant Face Bullying Accusations — Victim Alleges Not Being Able To Attend School For 8 Months Due To The Abuse

“Your family is so poor, and you guys are bums…”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

On May 24, media outlet Money Today revealed an exclusive report stating a Show Me The Money 10 contestant has been punished for school bullying.

The identity of the Rapper was not revealed due to him being a minor (13). However, it was revealed that the Rapper was a popular contestant on the tenth season of Mnet‘s Show Me The Money. The Rapper has since denied the allegations, stating that although he argued with the victim, he did not assault him.

The victim’s allegations that the Rapper assaulted him | Money Today

According to Money Today’s report, the Rapper received a punishment of apologizing and service to the school. It has been revealed that the Rapper had abused the victim for six months.

Your family is so poor, and you guys are bums. The reason you are an only child is that your mother is (expletive)… You are selfish because you are an only child.


The victim also alleged physical abuse from the Rapper. The victim is said to have been hit on his head and leg. The Rapper is reported to have admitted to stabbing the victim in the leg with a pencil but denies hitting the victim on the head.

According to the report, the victim is said to have also alleged facing sexual abuse. The Rapper is said to have drawn male genitalia to tease the victim, embarrassed the victim in the bathroom, and touched the victim innappropriately. The report states the allegations of the abuser fondling the victim was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

In response to the allegations, the parents of the Rapper deny that any bullying took place. According to the parents, “The Rapper admitted to the bullying allegations so that this would all go away, not because he did anything wrong.” The Rapper’s parents, in return, argued that the parents of the alleger is, “Making the situation bigger than it really is.”

The parents of the Rapper argued that the alleger had also faced punishment for, upon hearing verbal abuse from the Rapper, kicking him in the face, thigh, and back. The parents of the Rapper is arguing this was a fight between both parties rather than a one-sided abuse.

We went to apologize to the parents of the alleger, but they declined. It is shameless for them to bring up something that was already settled last year.

—Parents of Rapper

Source: Money Today