“Show Me The Money 777” Confirms Its 4 Producing Teams

The 8 rapper producers have been confirmed.

Mnet‘s Show Me The Money 777 has confirmed the 8 producers that will join the new season, all well-known names in rap and music production, and some familiar faces to fans of the rap survival show.


1. Deepflow and Nucksal (Team VMC)

Deepflow is the head of hip hop label Vismajor Company (VMC) and a skilled rapper and producer, with hit albums since 2011. He won the award for Musician of the Year at the 2016 Korean Music Awards.


Joining Deepflow in team VMC will be Show Me the Money 6 runner-up Nucksal, who is trying his hand at producing for the first time but has been active in the underground hip hop scene for years and did some pretty epic collaborations on the rap show.


2. Swings and Giriboy (Team Just Music)

Swings needs little introduction as one of the most well-known and controversial rappers in the South Korean hip hop scene. He’s producing under his own label, Just Music Entertainment, thanks to his popularity from Show Me The Money‘s second season, where he introduced the “diss track” to the game.


Giriboy is joining Swings in team Just Music, since he signed under Swings in 2011. He appeared on Show Me The Money 3 in 2014 and later displayed his talent for composing when he collaborated with contestants on No Mercy in 2015, (who later formed Monsta X) with established artists Soyou and Mad Clown.


3. The Quiett and Changmo (Team Illionaire)

The Quiett is a veteran of Show Me The Money, appearing on both Seasons 3 and 5 with Illionaire co-founder Dok2. This time, he will have a new partner in Changmo, one of Korea’s top rising rappers and most-wanted featuring artist.


Changmo burst onto the scene in 2017 when he featured in Suran‘s song “Wine”, which was also produced by BTS‘s Suga. He also participated in a collaboration with Hyolyn, with their song “Blue Moon” topping the charts.


4. Code Kunst and Paloalto (Team AOMG x Hi-Lite)

Code Kunst, who recently joined AOMG back in June 2018, will make his debut on Show Me The Money. He has worked with many popular artists in the past, including Epik High‘s Tablo, Suran, BewhY, G.Soul, and Nucksal.


Paloalto appeared on Season 4, where he teamed up as a producer with Block B‘s Zico. He is also the founder of his record label, Hi-Lite Records, which houses rappers such as Reddy and G2.


Unfortunately for fans of Gray and BewhY, they ultimately declined to participate in the latest season of the show due to difficulties in being able to coordinate their schedules to match the show’s filming and preparation times.

Source: Osen