Show Me The Money Contestant Jung Sangsoo Investigated For Drunk and Disorderly Conduct

Jung Sangsoo’s is currently a participant in Show Me the Money 6 and was recently investigated by police for disorderly conduct.

Show Me the Money contestant Jung Sangsoo was reported to have been involved in an argument at a bar with another patron and is currently practicing self-restraint and self-reflection following police investigations.

According to the police, Jung Sangsoo voluntarily went to the police station and agreed to be investigated regarding this case.

Having been involved in the disorderly conduct, Jung Sangsoo’s participation in Show Me the Money 6 may be at risk.

An insider explained that it’s unclear whether or not he will continue competing in the program at the moment.

“It’s difficult to tell you as of now. We will need to wait and see.”

— Show Me the Money 6 insider

Source: OSEN