Show Me The Money Rapper RYNO Found Guilty Of Defaming Another Rapper And His Girlfriend In Diss Track

“There is no evidence to justify these lyrics…”

Rapper RYNO, who is best known for his appearance on Mnet‘s Show Me The Money 6, has been found guilty of defaming another rapper and his girlfriend in a diss track.

RYNO | @drynno/Instagram

On June 17, the rapper was fined ₩700,000 KRW (about $544 USD) and given a one-year suspended sentence.

The rapper uploaded a diss track targeting another rapper named Moai to his Soundcloud in July of 2021. In the diss track, RYNO attacked rapper Moai and his girlfriend.

| @drynno/Instagram

In the diss track, the rapper curses at Moai’s girlfriend and uses explicit language when describing her. Moai’s girlfriend is a non-celebrity and is said to have suffered immensely due to the diss track.

Ryno argued that the diss track was justified as part of a “diss war” between the rappers. However, the judge did not agree, stating that there were other ways the rapper could have expressed himself.

In this case, RYNO attacks both Moai and his girlfriend. It is hard to see why these lyrics were necessary. There is no evidence to justify these lyrics.

— Eastern Seoul Judicial Court

This isn’t the first time a rapper has faced legal repercussions for their music. In 2019 rapper Black Nut was sentenced to six months in prison for his unwarranted explicit lyrics about rapper KittiB.

RYNO is a rapper who came to fame through Show Me The Money 6 when he was controversially dropped from the competition. His exit from the show spurred on calls for changes in the show’s format as the rapper was dropped while his parents were in the audience. The show would further be criticized for showing his mother weeping.

Source: Money S and Wikitree