Mnet responds to “Show Me The Money” and “Unpretty Rapstar” being deemed unfit for broadcast

The two popular hip-hop survival shows, Show Me The Money and Unpretty Rapstar, have been deemed to be unfit for broadcasting standards. Mnet stated that they will be more careful during the production but will not be taking the shows off the air.

As of May 8th (KST), Mnet revealed, “We checked the content of the decision made by Korea Communications Standards Commission. In the future, we will be more cautious in our production and take more attention. (As for the upcoming seasons of the shows), it is true that we will be more careful in our production according to the disciplinary measures, but we have no intent to take the shows off air.”

Previously on May 7th, the Korea Communications Standards Commission held a general meeting to discuss the disciplinary standards of Show Me The Money and Unpretty Rapstar, which included abusive language that was deemed unfit for the viewers. The commission’s final decision came down to ending the two rap battle shows and penalizing the production members.

Unpretty Rapstar was deemed unfit for airing obvious vocal statements and gestures that expressed insulting remarks. These airings violated the Korea Communications Standards Commission’s standard of maintaining dignity, acceptance level, and clean broadcasting words (Articles 2, 5, 27, 44.2, and 51.3).

In particular, the commission members were taking into account that despite having received two warnings in the past, Show Me The Money has not only violated broadcasting standards for their own show, but also launched a spin-off, Unpretty Rapstar. 

Meanwhile, Show Me The Money is preparing for the airing of its upcoming season in June.

Source: Sports Donga