This Show Has Replaced “Infinite Challenge” As Korea’s #1 Favorite Show

With “Infinite Challenge” coming to an indefinite close, “I Live Alone” has become the new kings in Korean variety shows.

Infinite Challenge held the crown as the most loved variety show in Korea for many years, but now that the show has come to a close (for now), there’s a new King in town!

Since the last episode officially aired this month, there has been speculation over which Korean show will become the new king.


It has been revealed that I Live Alone is the new number one show in Korea!

Gallup Korea, the country’s leading polling company, released that 5% of the people they polled chose ” Live Alone as their current favourite show.


I Live Alone made their first appearance on Korea Gallup’s list last August.

Now, Infinite Challenge has passed on the baton to them according to April 2018’s poll.


I Live Alone‘s recent popularity is a combination of the increasing number of single-family member households in Korea, as well as the show’s ability to create buzz through the members and guests’ daily lifestyles.

Their 5th anniversary celebrations included the Seungri special,  TVXQ special, and a LA trip to visit Daniel Henney special. Jun Hyun Moo and Han Hye Jun’s recent dating news may have helped the ratings as well!


All hail the new Kings in K-Variety Shows, the rainbow family!

Source: Dispatch