“Show Me The Money 8” Announces Their Producers For The New Season

Here are the eight legendary hip hop producers.

The popular survival audition program, Show Me The Money, is back for its 8th seasons to find the most talented hip hop artist in Korea!


The program finally revealed which producers will be leading the show this season to create the hottest tracks for 2019. The producers will be KID MILLI with Swings, BOYCOLD with Mad Clown, Verbal Jint with GIRIBOY, and BewhY with millic!


The show’s producers explained that the new season will showcase a more entertaining format than the previous seasons.

We will showcase a differentiated entertainment from the previous seasons. We will show the best sides of the hip-hop culture and genre, while providing a hip-hop survival format that has an infinite amount of potential.

— Show Me The Money Show Producer


Open casting had already ended with its previous winners producing new music for the show. The new season is set to begin airing this summer.

Source: Dispatch