Sick Doctor Goes Unexpectedly Viral With BLINKs For Hilarious Reason

K-Pop has healing properties, after all.

An unexpectant post on Twitter is going viral among K-Pop fans, primarily BLINKs (BLACKPINK fans).

Dr. Tushar (a real doctor but also an author and musician) shared a photo of a “pink liquid” he was given while receiving treatment. He asked his followers what it was. Although knowing what it was, he just wanted to see netizens’ responses…

Sure enough, the responses were nothing short of hilarious. Many responded “yass” or “slay” juice, while others made a joke about the viral pink sauce.

Yet, a large number of K-Pop fans replied, “Pink Venom,” referencing BLACKPINK’s latest song.

Dr. Tushar even revealed he himself is a BLINK. He not only replied to a netizen’s comment but to his original post about it.

Dr. Tushar did confirm that the pink liquid really was just a multivitamin. He was receiving treatment for the mosquito-borne viral disease dengue.

As they say, laughter is the best medicine!

Source: reputushion

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