SidusHQ Reveals Kim Woo Bin’s Health Status On His Birthday

Here’s to Kim Woo Bin’s full and speedy recovery.

Actor Kim Woo Bin has halted all activities since his diagnosis of nasopharynx cancer in May of 2017.

[★BREAKING] Kim Woo Bin diagnosed with Cancer


On July 16th, 2018, Kim Woo Bin’s managing agency SidusHQ updated its official Instagram page with a birthday card for the actor.

The caption reads, “Waiting for you to return one day, like nothing happened. Happy 30th birthday.”


As the celebration made fans curious about Kim Woo Bin’s status, SidusHQ confirmed with Korean press that the actor is still in the process of fully recovering from the treatments, focusing on that only.

“There are no plans for him to make his return yet. Like he wrote in his letter last December, Kim Woo Bin completed his chemotherapy and chemoradiation treatments. There are no other news.” — SidusHQ


This is the first update since Kim Woo Bin’s close friend and actor Kang Dong Won mentioned him in April 2018.

Kang Dong Won Gives Updates About Kim Woo Bin’s Current Health

“I’ve consistently been in contact with [Kim Woo Bin]. He’s slowly recovering his health.” — Kang Dong Won


Even though there is no new news, fans are simply happy to hear that Kim Woo Bin is working on getting better. His loyal fans continue to wish the best for him, all the while celebrating his birthday on Instagram!

Happy birthday, Kim Woo Bin!

Source: Newsen