BTS Being BTS In Their “Happy Chuseok” Message Is What We’re Grateful For This Year

They surely do know how to celebrate.

In celebration of the Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) holidays in Korea, BTS shared a special message for the fans. While at first they seemed composed, the members were soon exposed by the last few seconds of the video, capturing them playing the “Full Moon” game!


This game, in which Jungkook started off with a small imaginary full moon in his hands and tossed it to J-Hope who then increased the size…


… immediately became a whole body workout for BTS members. When J-Hope passed the medium-sized moon to Suga, he really blew it up.


Suga passed it to V


who passed it on to Jin, and Jin did not hesitate to step it up a whole notch.


RM, who was passed on the gigantic full moon from Jin, turned it into a 3D moon…


… and Jimin was simply adorable as he supersized the full moon before passing it on to ARMYs.


Korean ARMYs are wholeheartedly celebrating Chuseok, grateful for everything they have in their lives – including BTS and their silliness!

Happy Chuseok, everyone!



Watch the full clip here: